Jomagyar red grape seed powder 250 g
Jomagyar red grape seed powder 250 g
700 Ft

Jomagyar red grape seed powder 250 g

Sale price: HUF 700. 5 bp free collection point from HUF 5,500. Defatted grape seed ground from red grape seeds at a bomb price! Its raw material is red grape seeds from several Hungarian wine suppliers. It is one of the cheapest ground red grape seeds in the country, some people sell smaller amounts for HUF 3-4,000!

700 Ft

Jó fine ground red grape seeds 250 g - Special price: HUF 700

Our red grape seed flour (from pressing by-product, i.e. fat-reduced) was the first publicly inspected among Hungarian distributors and manufacturers. (30.09.2016) The ORAC value, i.e. the antioxidant activity, of our grape seed powder is quite high: 38,827 mg/kg !!

Total polyphenol content: 11,193 mg/kg

Even their very expensive products are not tested for ORAC value. We do not understand why those who ask HUF 3-6,000 for 100-200 g of winemaking by-products do not attach laboratory reports to their rooms!

Test method, laboratory information:

Tests are performed reliably with a well-functioning photometer

at the ORAC number of the capture of peroxy radical-anion radicals in the sample
its ability is examined by its colleague, polyphenol content
and it is determined by a photometric measurement method.


ORAC value of some plants/fruits:


Prunes 8.059 Kale 1.770
Blackcurrants 7610 Red grapes 1746
Pomegranate 3.307 Garlic 5.708
Red wine 6380

Total polyphenol content of Jó grape seed powder: 11,193 mg/kg!!

Protocol polyphenol and antioxidant value:


Total polyphenol content of some fruits/berries:


Elderberry: 5680 mg


Black currants: 1400 mg


Blue grapes: 960 mg


Prunes: 1400 mg

Image: the color of the grind has changed, because the grinding has become much finer and the finer it is, the lighter it is.

It is very important: the good red grape seed powder, which tastes sour and tart!! If it's tasteless, it's either from cooked seeds or the grind is too coarse or both!! There is not much internal content left in the cooked seed, and not enough of the active ingredient or flavor is released from the coarse seed.

It may also contain 2-3% red grape skins, which further increases its value due to Resveratrol!

Grinding delicacy

Microscopic examination


Test method

l. Exterior: Reddish brown powder. Sensory
2. Grain size:
Largest grain size: 670 μm

Smallest particle size: 2 μm

Typical grain size: 130 μm Microscopic photography (resolution 0.8 μm), photogrammetry


It makes you cough if you accidentally inhale it, so it's quite tasty.

The raw material of our grinds is 100% Hungarian grape seed pellets, red grape seeds. Varying suppliers, the raw material is the seeds of several types of red grapes. Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes, it is only present in the seed extracts in proportion to the color of the skin attached to the seed. By the way, resveratrol is one of the most effective inhibitors of the development of cancer cells. Today's article is about this topic here, in this article.  It is fat-reduced because we use the final product of grape seed oil pressing, so 90% of the oil has already been pressed from the grape seed. This is beneficial, because this way our grind cannot start to go rancid and it sticks together less. We will soon have grape seed powder made from whole seeds.

Is ground red grape seed better or worse than whole seed?

The ORAC value of our whole grape seed powder is even higher. That is why all manufacturers use grape seed pellets. In the case of sesame seeds, e.g. the calcium content in the dry matter is higher in the ground meal made from the seed after pressing than in the whole, still unpressed seed, because the amount of remaining dry matter increases when the oil content is squeezed out. (The material will be thicker.)

Beneficial effects of grape seed powder protocol_polyphenol


Because it is very rich in antioxidants (including OPC) and has an ORAC value of approx. 40 - 50 times, e.g. the highly effective antioxidant Vitamin E, therefore, has excellent anti-cancer and free radical scavenging abilities. It very effectively strengthens the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, improves the ratio of HDL - LDL cholesterol levels, reduces allergies, improves hair loss problems and generally strengthens the heart and vascular system. There are many more beneficial effects of ground red grape seeds, which we have already mentioned in our health articles and will mention in the future...

Jó red grape seed powder

I asked one of the largest and most expensive Hungarian "fine grind" manufacturers if they have any proof of what they claim, that more active ingredients are absorbed from the fine grind. Is not..

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