Jómagyar cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil 500ml 500ml
Jómagyar cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil 500ml 500ml

Jómagyar cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil 500ml 500ml

Price: HUF 3900. Due to the drastic increase in the price of pumpkin seeds, we had to raise it. Jómagyar.hu cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil 0.5 l Price: HUF 3,900 Our product is a green (your tongue will turn green...) cold-pressed pumpkin seed cooking oil! The product comes in a plastic bottle!

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Jómagyar cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil 500ml Price: HUF 3900


We have been present on the Hungarian pumpkin seed oil market for many years. After many years of HUF 2,400/0.5 liter price, largely thanks to the once again kind Austrian acquisition, we had to raise it from 2020, as the price of shelled pumpkin seeds jumped from around HUF 700 to HUF 1,200 at the moment (April 13, 2022). 1 liter of cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil approx. It comes out of 3-3.2 kg of pumpkin seeds.


This ratio is better for hot presses. From September 2022, the price of raw materials increased by another 50%, currently the price of pumpkin seeds is HUF 1,800/kg.

Therefore, the approx. 80% crop loss is responsible (drought). We try to remain customer-friendly and fair traders in the case of our pumpkin seed oil product, but there are no miracles.

About our pumpkin seed oil

This cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil in a bottle has a pleasant pumpkin seed taste, is green on a napkin or white plate, and purple in the bottle.

If you drink it, your tongue will turn green!

It has the taste of raw, unshelled pumpkin seeds, not roasted, like hot-pressed virgin or other fancifully named counterparts. It tastes delicious, but just as roasted pumpkin seeds are tastier than raw ones, they are also less tasty. There is no added salt in it, and today's people are used to salt.


Jomagyar.hu cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil price: HUF 3900

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