Feketeribizli velő 200 ml
Feketeribizli velő 200 ml

Feketeribizli velő 200 ml

This blackcurrant pith from the original producer is very dense, tart, but still has a sweet taste. An antioxidant bomb that contains no preservatives or added sugar. Black/blue berries are associated with many clinically proven beneficial health effects.


Jómagyar.hu sugar-free blackcurrant pulp 200 ml Price: HUF 950

This blackcurrant pith was pasteurized at 82 degrees. It was not filtered after passing, so it contains smaller pieces of a maximum of 1.5 mm!


We recommend 1-2 tablespoons per day, so 200 ml corresponds to 20 tablespoons or 20 daily doses.

Why are blackcurrants healthy? Let's see 10 of its significant health benefits, which are also tested in clinical trials!

This tiny fruit is packed with many essential vitamins and minerals. Research shows that blackberries improve brain health, protect against diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and improve digestion.

1. Clinical trial results with blackcurrants suggest that blackcurrants may reduce postprandial glucose and insulin levels after a carbohydrate-rich meal.

Another study supported this finding, finding that a product containing fermented quinoa (a seed variety) and 75 g of blackcurrants could reduce postprandial glycemia and insulinemia in a randomized crossover trial. They also found that consuming blackcurrants and blackcurrant puree together resulted in lower glucose and insulin concentrations in the first 30 minutes, a more balanced decline in the first hour, and improved glycemic pro

A clinical study on healthy men and women showed that drinks rich in apple and blackcurrant polyphenols reduced postprandial blood sugar levels, which may be partly related to the inhibition of glucose transport in the gut. Source: Effect of Blackcurrant Consumption on the Genitourinary System: A Literature Review - PMC (nih.gov)


2. Blackberries contain plant compounds called phytochemicals known to support brain health. Some research suggests that berries such as blackberries or blackcurrants can prevent age-related neurodegenerative diseases and improve cognitive function.

3. Other studies/research have shown that a phytochemical called anthocyanin increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates memory and attention areas.

4. Anthocyanin also gives blackcurrant its color. Reduces the risk of heart disease Blackcurrants are full of heart-protective compounds such as fiber and anthocyanins. A review of more than 59 studies found that regular consumption of berries or other anthocyanin-rich foods reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by 17% and heart disease-related death by 9%. Other research suggests that the compound may help lower bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease events

5. Protects against cancer Some research suggests that berries, including blackberries or gooseberries, inhibit the development of cancerous tumors in rats.

7 Scientists believe that antioxidants in berries may be responsible for these effects by protecting against cell damage. However, further research is needed in humans.

8. Fight diabetes Berries such as blackcurrants or blackberries can protect against diabetes. The fiber in blackberries helps reduce blood sugar by slowing down digestion. One study found that overweight men who consumed blackberries improved their insulin sensitivity.

9. Supports bone health Blackcurrants contain manganese, a trace element that the body needs to function properly. Some research suggests that manganese may increase bone mineral density and bone formation in animals.9 Additionally, vitamin K, found in blackberries and blackcurrants, is known to support bone health.

10. Improves digestion The fiber in blackcurrants can improve digestion and relieve constipation. Fiber affects how fast food is digested, how nutrients are absorbed, and how stool moves through the colon. High-fiber foods also contain good bacteria that can have a beneficial effect on the gut.

11. Promotes good dental health Research shows that blackberry extracts have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that may promote dental health. According to one study, the extract may help prevent or treat periodontal infections.
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