Jómagyar.hu sea buckthorn marrow 500 ml
Jómagyar.hu sea buckthorn marrow 500 ml

Jómagyar.hu sea buckthorn marrow 500 ml

Price: HUF 2000! 0.5 liter (500 ml) sea buckthorn marrow bomb price. Its color and density are ideal. Price HUF 2000! Sea buckthorn berry is really an effective immune booster! We state this based on customer and own experience. We also recommend this product to resellers!


Jómagyar.hu sea buckthorn marrow 500 ml Price: HUF 2000


We send the bottled product in a package!

Blackcurrant marrow 200 ml Price: HUF 950

Available from our partners in Budapest, they can be seen on the map, together with a phone number:


Our sample store: 11. ker. Eszék u. 2.

Market hall in Kórház Street: 1035 Budapest, Kórház Street 37-41. Next to the S-E entrance, Vesav Kft. (different price)

District 15 Wesselényi street market/hall Vecsés pickles (different price)


After the 2 dl product, we also have a 0.5 liter sea thorn marrow. It is important when buying sea buckthorn marrow: its color should be as bright orange as possible. This refers to gentle processing. The one with a browner color must have received more heat or has been on the shelf for a long time. In one case, the color can be even darker, but it goes in a reddish direction if there is a variety in the marrow that contained reddish berries. The water content of the sea buckthorn berry is around 80%, so it is not necessarily a bad thing (dilution) if, after long, immobile storage, the oily and denser part containing the fibers separates at the top and a thinner, transparent band forms at the bottom.

The density of the different marrows is determined by the proportion of fibers filtered out during/after the passivation! If a company works with a finer filter, the marrow will be thinner. Our manufacturer was asked not to make it too thin, because then many people think that the sea buckthorn marrow has been diluted.

Our marrow does not separate into different fractions even after standing for a long time, although there have been times when a little more fiber was filtered out of it and it split. Like apple juice or other fruit juices. There is no need to be afraid of this, it is primarily an aesthetic issue, not a quality deficiency.

Since the sea thorn marrow glass used for bottling is quite expensive, we can save quite a lot with the 5 dl packaging. Therefore, the price is noticeably better than the 2 dl package.

Sea buckthorn berries and marrow are really effective immune boosters, which we claim based on many years of customer experience and our own experience.

With us, 0.5 l or 500 ml of sea buckthorn marrow currently costs HUF 2,000!

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