Jómagyar.hu Ghost+Halapenho chili sauce 90 ml
Jómagyar.hu Ghost+Halapenho chili sauce 90 ml

Jómagyar.hu Ghost+Halapenho chili sauce 90 ml

Jómagyar.hu Ghost chili+Halapenho sauce 90 ml Caution, very strong! Our second chili sauce this year is the Jómagyar.hu Ghost chili, in foreign languages we call it Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chili + Halapenho sauce. I'm still in favor of sensible consumption and enjoyment, so yes, it's "diluted" with Habanero and lots of tomatoes!

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Jómagyar.hu Ghost chili+Habanero sauce 90 ml Price: HUF 1100


The second, successfully grown variety of our first chili pepper growing season this year was Ghost chili or Bhut Jolokia Naga. It is a very abundantly producing, low bush-growing variety, with beautiful orange, thin-fleshed peppers. This is how it was processed, but of course you can see the Habanero in the picture!

We also added Habanero, red onion, garlic and lots of tomatoes to keep it more edible. Wonderfully fresh, very spicy, taste that also carries summer tomatoes!

By the way, the Scoville value of the Ghost chili puts this originally Indian variety among the top ten hottest peppers in the world.

Ingredients: tomato, habanero, ghost chili, red onion, garlic. Does not contain salt or preservatives! Can be salted to taste!

NÉBIH facility ID: NEBIH6011174022

Small producer reg. number: 12-6T-154

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