Hungarian acacia honey 1 kg 1000 g 1000 g
Hungarian acacia honey 1 kg 1000 g 1000 g

Hungarian acacia honey 1 kg 1000 g 1000 g

Acacia honey 1000 g Price HUF 2900 Hungary's most popular type of honey. Acacia honey is preferred by most of our consumers because of its taste, transparency and low crystallization tendency. We also send it in a package!


Acacia honey 1000 g 1 kg Price: HUF 2900


The honey is packaged in a bottle, it can also be ordered in a bottle if you pick it up in Bp!

(OUR CURRENT BARREL HAS 17.5% WATER CONTENT, THAT IS VERY THICK. 11.11.2023) Acacia honey 1000 g of our product also does its best to bring honey back to families' tables by reducing prices. In accordance with the principle of "fair trade", we work with a small margin!

This is the same honey as the 950 g package. The same 100% Hungarian acacia honey from Somogy County!


After a gap of several years, we are selling honey again! As a former beekeeper, I try to buy the right quality for my customers from my former beekeeper colleagues.


This acacia honey comes from the hills near Vác, from a beekeeper colleague. Volt


18-20% of proper honey is pure water filtered by plants, while nectar can contain up to 80% water. It is a joy to watch when the team of bees assigned to this task dries the honey by creating an air current with their wings before covering it. Honey denser than this (below 18% water content, but at least 16% water content) can only be produced under special weather conditions - mainly in the case of severe drought. The water content of mature honey varies between 17-21%, but honey above 20% can be said to be thin and may even start to ferment! Honeys with a water content of 16-17% are difficult to extract from the comb, which beekeepers don't like anymore. By the way, it is customary to spin the honey when at least half of the honey is covered in the comb, this shows the beekeeper that the honey is of sufficient density. By the way, the thin, nectary honey, holding the spleen horizontally, even drips and flows out of the spleen, which can be forced by shaking. (own experience)


Characteristics of acacia honey


It is worth mentioning that in our country we are after an incredibly unfortunate 4-5 acacia seasons. In 2023, too, the frost brought down the early shoots, which would have produced the flowers 2 months later.


This has been happening for years, which is why the price of acacia honey has soared in stores. If it wasn't taken away by the frost, the bees couldn't carry it in May due to rainy and windy weather.


Otherwise, acacia honey would be the main source of income for beekeepers in our country. It produces much more than mixed flower honey. Z acacia honey is our honey with the most beautiful texture, pleasantly liquid and completely transparent. If it happens to be a bit cloudy, don't worry, some other nectar has been added! This will only make our acacia honey healthier. Professionally, the beekeeper has to pay a lot of attention when he wants to spin varietal honeys.

This is because the spleens must be empty before carrying honey (acacia honey, linden honey, facléia honey, solidiago, etc.) bees do other things too. The biggest problem is the canola honey, which blooms in parallel, only a little later, and usually the canola nectar is the cause of the problem.

If the acacia honey actually causes opalescence in someone, it is usually caused by other nectar brought in by the bees. It requires a lot of expertise from the beekeeper to make a variety of honey as pure as possible.


Medicinal effects of acacia honey


Well, I determine the medicinal effects of honey based on the medicinal effects of flowers! Let's see what the white acacia flower is good for:


Its tea is also used as a good cough suppressant, mild diuretic and laxative. Since it is very aromatic, it can also be mixed into other teas as a flavor enhancer. The cosmetics industry also likes to use it. A decoction made from acacia flowers is also an excellent expectorant, antispasmodic, sedative and tonic.

Many advertising texts mention the alkalizing and soothing effect of the stomach! Well, I don't agree with this, let's not talk about alkalizing the stomach with a food containing nearly 80% sugar, and sugar does acidify the stomach!

According to KSH, the average consumer price of acacia honey for 1 kg 1000 g was HUF 3,490 in 2019, HUF 4,060 in 2020, HUF 2,960 in 2021, and HUF 6,290 in 2022!! The price of 1000 g 1 kg of acacia honey is HUF 2900 at the moment

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The price of 1000 g 1 kg of acacia honey is HUF 2900 at the moment.

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