Jómagyar sea buckthorn berry peel powder 100 g
Jómagyar sea buckthorn berry peel powder 100 g
700 Ft

Jómagyar sea buckthorn berry peel powder 100 g

The price of ground sea buckthorn shell is HUF 700. Our wonderful immune-boosting, vascular-cleansing, intestinal-system-regenerating herb.

700 Ft

Jómagyar.hu sea buckthorn berry peel powder 100 g – Price: HUF 700

Our sea buckthorn marrow is available here in a 0.2 l package for HUF 950!
This sea buckthorn ground product was carefully made, which is why it has such a beautiful orange color. The by-product of sea buckthorn pith pressing was dried and ground. This is not a capsule, concentrate, concentrate, extract, or anything else, but a product preserved by one of the ancient processing methods of plants, drying, so it has not gone through the steps of the pharmaceutical industry, like sea buckthorn capsules, extracts, concentrates, concentrates. There is no gentler processing than this! Summary: the product probably contains more valuable active ingredients than the medicine - or expensive food-processed products!

We will soon publish the ORAC value, total polyphenols and vitamin C values, as we did recently for our red grape seed powder! The ORAC value was 39,222 mgTOE/kg! became!! Minutes below!

This product is made from the by-product of pureeing, i.e. it mostly contains skin, but obviously a lot of meat also sticks to the skin. It's like sea buckthorn berry powder could only be produced if someone dried/dried the sea buckthorn berries and then ground them, together with the seeds.. Well, I've never heard of such a thing. Only because some people are looking for ground berry powder, because someone advertises it that way.

Sea buckthorn has only been introduced in Hungary in the last 10 years, even though it is a native plant. I must admit that I only heard about him for the first time 5 years ago. This wonderful plant has been the subject of a lot of research recently, and all research has confirmed that the berries and leaves of sea buckthorn have a lot of beneficial bioactive content, value, and properties.

In the following, I will try to briefly summarize the beneficial effects observed so far.

Beneficial effects and uses of sea buckthorn

In general, it can be said to help keep the disease away from the family. Many mothers with small children report back to me that since they have been feeding sea buckthorn syrup or ground to their children, the child has not caught infections from their classmates, so it really strengthens the immune system.

Its most important physiological effects are the following:

-Tea, meat oil and tablets have a significant effect on the prevention of the atherosclerosis process

-The role of polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids (linolenic acid) is in regulating blood cholesterol levels

- In the treatment of Hemorrhagic Diathesis (absence of blood clotting factors), meat oil and sea buckthorn berry powder have a significant effect

- general robbing and immune-boosting fruit

-190 synergistically acting biologically active substances

-Vitamin C bomb, with an average vitamin C content of around 350 mg (the raw berry)

- the pasteurized marrow contains around 150 mg of vitamin C

-multivitamin bomb: vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B8 and B9. The fresh fruit has an outstanding vitamin C content, it also contains vitamins K, E, F and P (rutin), iron and trace elements

- phytochemicals: xanthophyll, cryptoxanthin, anthocyanins, quercetin glycosides, flavonoids, mannitol, arabinase, rhamnose

- high mineral content: iron and magnesium content, copper, zinc and manganese among microelements and trace elements - high antioxidant content inhibits the formation of tumor cells

- thanks to its antihistamine substances, it helps alleviate allergic complaints

- also useful for diabetics, due to the color content

- one of the most outstanding effects of sea buckthorn meat is its role in the healing of ulcers (gastric and duodenal ulcers)

- also has a special cardiovascular protective role, as a result of the combined effect of countless plant pigments, phytochemicals and vitamins

- the importance of the essential fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in the meat is outstanding

The great advantage of ground sea buckthorn over syrups and drinking juices is that it was not heat-treated in the food industry, but gently dried. and can be consumed all year round.

Of course, sea buckthorn berries are good for 1,000 other things, which have been used by people since ancient times.

In the works of Hippocrates, there are also references to sea buckthorn preparations, which were used to cure stomach ailments. In ancient Greece, sea buckthorn fruit was given to horses before the Olympic Games to increase their physical strength and improve their appearance, as the horse's hair shone beautifully from it. This is where the Greek name comes from: hippos- horse, pheas- bright. Sea buckthorn fruit and oil are widely used by the Slavic peoples to this day. Kirill, the creator of the Slavic alphabet, used this oil to treat the sick and wounded.

His example was later followed by the Russian Cossacks, who treated their wounds with this oil, improved their health and increased their strength with its fruit. Due to its very sour taste and refreshing effect, the fruit of the sea buckthorn is popularly consumed by Siberian hunters, who call this herb Siberian pineapple. Brezhnev also regularly consumed sea buckthorn oil, because it is produced at the cellular level

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